Signs It's Time to Redefine Your House with Hardwood Flooring

Most people love the idea of a makeover. It's a time to try a new look, make a great impression, or boost self-confidence. If the floors in your home could talk, they might express some of the same sentiments. You don't need talking floors to know when it's time for a flooring makeover. Just give them a long, hard look! Of course, you could also read about the signs you're ready for new External link opens in new tab or windowhardwood floor installation in Alpharetta. Read on see if your floors aren't trying to tell you something.

Dark Cherry Brown Hardwood Floors Time to Mend Broken Damaged Floors

Floors, especially in high-traffic areas like the kitchen, often show signs of damage long before systems in your home need repair or replacement. It's not difficult to see floor damage. If you currently have tile flooring, look for loose, cracked, or missing tiles. Tiles can also look downright dull and even grungy, especially if you haven't kept up with routine cleaning and sealing. Vinyl flooring may start to peel. Kitchens aren't the only rooms that deserve a makeover. If you're living or bedroom room carpet looks matted or has permanent stains, retire it and redefine the entire room with hardwood.

You Have Vintage Floors

You, or more likely, the previous owner loved the linoleum with the crazy patterns. It looked beautiful way back when, but now it's not only worn, it's ugly. Small black and white or brown and white tiles were a trend at one time too. Now, instead of looking fashionable, they look tired and outdated. Even wood floors from previous decades may need a makeover. Don't feel embarrassed if you still have vintage floors. Residential floor installers have seen it all, and they won't say a word. If it's been ten years or longer since your last flooring update, it's time to explore what's trending now. Hint: it's not parquet!

Light Brown Hardwood Kitchen Floors Your Tastes Have Changed

Personal tastes change, sometimes from one year to another. Last year, you loved your neutral wall paint and new carpet. This year, you're thinking about adding a splash of color and the luster of hardwood floors. It doesn't mean you're fickle. It merely means you enjoy keeping your home updated a little more often than other people. The good news about installing hardwood is that you can find a finish to complement any décor. That means you might consider leaving the neutral walls alone. Or, you could decide on a complete redesign. Paint the walls, buy new furniture, and add a new piece of artwork. Why not?

Preparing to Sell Your Home

At one time, spring was high season for both home remodeling and home selling. Now, people renovate and list their homes on the market year-round. You may balk at the idea of installing new flooring when you're selling your home. Would you consider it if you knew hardwood floor s could bump up the value of your home? Hardwood floors remain a classic, and according to the National Association of Home Builders, one External link opens in new tab or windowbuyers' desire in 2020. The impact of hardwood flooring on home value depends on the current real estate market. Consult with your real estate agent and see what they think before you order flooring. You can also talk with flooring specialists here at Atlanta Floor One. As the best flooring contractor in Alpharetta, we're confident we can help you choose the perfect hardwood for your project. External link opens in new tab or windowSchedule your free estimate or call External link opens in new tab or window404-578-0926.